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Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

A comprehensive program providing therapeutic services for children and adolescents under 21 years of age and faced with developmental challenges or behaviors that put them at risk of developing severe emotional disorders. Services are home, school and/or community based and are currently being provided in Crawford and Venango counties. Touch-Stone Solutions specializes in these services for those with a dual diagnosis; a diagnosis of mental retardation in addition to the developmental and/or behavior issues.

Team Approach:

Services are client-centered, family oriented, community based, and they stress a Team approach to service delivery. The Team encompasses Touch-Stone Solutions staff, other professionals, agencies and resources that come together with the client and their family to develop a comprehensive plan of care and services. As a Team, they address individually defined goals and outcomes that guide services.

CASSP Principles:

Service delivery is guided by Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) principles. Services are provided in the least intrusive community based environment to prevent out-of-home placement, enhancing the client’s opportunity to remain in their community and to be sustained within their family environment.

Treatment Overview:

Services include a wide array of treatment options that are provided with the ongoing approval of the authorizing agent (MA, Value Behavioral Health, Highmark or others). The services must be medically indicated for the individual, who must have both a diagnosed mental health disorder and a diagnosis of mental retardation. Services are intended to sustain the client in the community and in their home while affording them the opportunities to improve their coping skills, build on their strengths and find success. Services are provided in the least intrusive manner with the support and participation of the client and their family. Treatment planning and therapeutic services are designed around the client’s strengths.


Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA):

A systematic approach to understanding problematic behaviors. An FBA examines behavior from the perspective that people learn behaviors in order to meet their needs. In order to improve behavioral problems, an FBA examines the purpose of the behaviors. From the results of the FBA, the treatment team works together to help the client learn appropriate behaviors that serve the same functions using Positive Behavior Supports. An FBA is performed when deemed medically appropriate and approved by the authorizing agent (MA, VBH, etc.).

Behavioral Specialist Consultation (BSC):

Agency professionals develop, design, monitor and chart behavioral treatment plans and interventions based on the recommendations of the psychological assessment. The plans and interventions are goal and outcome oriented with emphasis on being client- centered, family focused and community based. BSC also provides support and guidance to the TSS, primary care givers, parents, other providers and school personnel when applicable with the goal of reshaping identified behaviors.

Mobile Therapy (MT):

Agency professionals work closely with the client, parents, family and/or primary caregiver to guide the treatment process. Their basic goal is to affect changes in the targeted behaviors by identifying intervention alternatives, improving client self sufficiency and addressing family system concerns.

Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS):

Agency staff work one-on-one with the client providing interventions, supports and guidance to attain the outcomes and goals defined by the behavioral treatment plan. Services emphasize positive behavioral reinforcement, emotional supports, time structuring activities and time-out strategies or other rehabilitative activities as prescribed in the treatment plan. These services may be authorized in the home, school, community or a combination of settings.

For more information: Please contact us or your county’s Human Services office.